v-logoYou now have the opportunity to support the Shambhala Meditation Center and access green electrical energy for your home. The center council has approved an alliance with Viridian Energy, a company that provides affordable green energy. By changing your electric supplier to Viridian, the Shambhala center receives a residual from Viridian at no additional cost to you.

As mandated by law, changing your electric supplier costs nothing. National Grid remains your local electric delivery company, or distributor, reading your meter and sending the bills. Virdian supplies the green energy.

You can change your electric supplier to Viridian, knowing that the source of your energy is green and that you are reducing your carbon footprint. Our center benefits and the planet benefits by reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information, visit our Viridian webpage  and view the 15-minute video about what Viridian offers. Just grab your last electric bill and click the Become a Customer button. Or contact Harlan Hersey who is the center person working on this project. We hope you will consider changing your electricity supplier to Viridian.

Thank you for your consideration.