The Need to Feel

A Shambhala teacher explores the meaning of “Environmental Melancholia” and its connection to meditation practice, through the work of artist Regan Rossberg by Shastri Christine Heming See article

The Play Itself to See

A theatrical featurette of the play Norbu and the Mystery of the Missing Ratna by Walker Blaine See article

Opening the Dimension of Sacred Awe

In this age of information technology, many paradigms are crumbling. Although populations are rising, fewer and fewer people are actually embracing traditional religions and the current slate of beliefs and sacraments is seen as less and less relevant. Fundamentalism aside, religious insanity is losing market share. See article

The Poet is Profound. The Poet is a Jester.

Interview with Acharya David Schneider on new book he’s written, Crowded by Beauty: the Art and Zen of Poet Philip Whalen. By Valerie Lorig and edited by J. R. Gilness. When author David Schneider was a fledgling student of Zen, he and his cohorts celebrated the end of retreat with a picnic at the crest … Continue 

Shambhala Art: The 5-Part Program

Shambhala Art coming to Providence May 1-3 See more Shambhala Art programs focus on participant exploration, play and discovery. As an arts education program, Shambhala Art’s mission is to encourage the exploration of how meditation and contemplation works with the creative and viewing processes. See article

What is the Heart of Shambhala Art?

Shambhala Art coming to Providence May 1-3 See more What is the Heart of Dharma Art? According to Jack Niland, “It is MANIFESTING the world…your world, my world, our world…an enlightened world. Why? Because this is what the universe does. It creates world systems from the elements and their stories from the skandhas. And the universe created … Continue 

On Making Art: You Don’t “Make” Art

Shambhala Art coming to Providence May 1-3 See more “You don’t make art in Shambhala Art!” I have heard many other observations of Shambhala Art before as its director, but this one stopped my mind. I realized that it was true! We don’t make art in the Shambhala Art Program. But if we don’t make art, what … Continue 

On Making Art: A History of Shambhala Art

Shambhala Art coming to Providence May 1-3 See more Shambhala Art is not focused on any specific discipline and draws people from all walks of life—visual artists, performers, writers, therapists, attorneys, surgeons, actors, teachers, students and everyone interested in appreciating and celebrating the art and life all around us. See article

On Making Art: Bandit Soup—A Recipe for Love, Courage and Songwriting

Shambhala Art coming to Providence May 1-3 See more Bill Bothwell is one of those baby-boomer outlaw-poets who left the American heartland for western parts and ports. He experienced rock ‘n’ roll, radical politics, journalism and finally Buddhism. Under the influence of Buddhist teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and poet Allen Ginsberg, Bill practiced his own musical poetry … Continue 

On Making Art: Dharma Art—Genuine Art

Shambhala Art coming to Providence May 1-3 See more “Dharma art,” or Shambhala Art, is an idea coined by the late meditation master, Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche who founded Shambhala Buddhism. He taught that art as well as life is best as a continuation of meditation and contemplation. See article