A Fresh Start

Starting with ourselves, and learning to appreciate many ways that human goodness is expressed every day by Susan Firer See article

Why, When and How to be Generous

An exploration of the daily practice of generosity in a Shambhala household by Walker Blaine See article

Money and Inspiration

This is the continuation of an article on the psychology of money for organizers, business people, and individuals. Part I focused on the connection of inspiration and money (see Inspiration and Money – Part I). Part II follows with more practical suggestions. See article

Can Home Cooking Restore Enlightened Society?

“Internal drala also comes out of making a proper relationship to food…. You can take the time to plan good, nutritious meals, and you can enjoy cooking your food, eating it, and then cleaning up and putting the leftovers away.” See article

The Psychological Tasks of Old Age

I wrote an article called “The Psychological Tasks of Old Age.” I was 42 years old. I had my reasons for thinking that I knew something about the topic. I had spent hundreds of hours with elders and their families. See article

The Dance of Fear

To be a warrior means to live a life without pretense. See article

Appreciation Agenda

Acharya Michael Greenleaf lives in Vermont and often teaches at Karme Choling as well as around the world. In this post he tells a wonderful story about how hard it can be to express appreciation. It’s about his Uncle Steward and a lunch they had at the Hotel Carlyle on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. See … Continue