Food and Forgiveness, Part 1

β€œIt’s only when we alter our eating habits out of love and respect for ourselves that lasting change has any real chance to take root in our lives.” β€” Katherine Woodward Thomas The first in a series of articles exploring insights about food, healing, and compassion by Marcella Friel See article

A Quality of Healing

Basic goodness and the path of relationships by Shastri Nick Kranz See article

Losing a Little Part of Myself

A reflection on the transformations encountered through the process of aging by Shastri Christine Heming See article

The Aging Hub

A new online resource to provide learning, listening and support for taking a courageous Warrior outlook on the many challenges and opportunities of aging in our communities by Ann Cason See article

Crossing Into New Territory

A Shambhalian caregiver shares his personal experience of caring for his parents during their passages through dementia, illness and death See article