Giving the Ghost a Voice, Part II

Sharing a personal experience of racial identity as an Asian American Buddhist by Bryan Mendiola See article

Giving the Ghost a Voice, Part I

Contradictory feelings about race can be honored in Buddhism. by Bryan Mendiola See article

Lady Sharon Hoagland Endowment

Ensuring the Longevity of the Shambhala Lineage by Walker Blaine See article

Mt Hope Learning Center Volunteer Partnership Letter

To:      All SMCP Members, Sangha and Friends From:  Ginny Adams, John Mattson, Michelle LeBrun for Shambhala Council Date:   April 28, 2016 Dear SMCP Sangha: The Shambhala Meditation Center of Providence (SMCP) is starting a neighborly volunteer partnership with the nearby Mt. Hope Learning Center, and we are delighted to invite each of you to … Continue 

Leaders at Awaken Chicago

Social activists and leaders in justice, peace, and enlightened society gather to offer teachings and workshops in Chicago, starting April 29 See article

A Vigil for Jampa Pawo

A letter about Jampa Pawo, addressed to the Shambhala Sangha from Norma Harris See article

Crossing Into New Territory

A Shambhalian caregiver shares his personal experience of caring for his parents during their passages through dementia, illness and death See article

The Notion of Lineage

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s Shambhala Day Address, Year of the Male Fire Monkey, Boulder Shambhala Center, 9 February 2016 See article

Finishing One Year, Starting Anew

Practices for the two weeks leading up to Shambhala Day, reflecting on the passage of time and laying a good foundation for the coming year See article

The Nature of Community

We might think of community as something external to our life, something extra. We have our car, our home, our job, and then we have our neighbors, our coworkers: our community. But community is not just the people who live next door or who work in the same office… See article