Food and Forgiveness, Part 1

“It’s only when we alter our eating habits out of love and respect for ourselves that lasting change has any real chance to take root in our lives.” — Katherine Woodward Thomas The first in a series of articles exploring insights about food, healing, and compassion by Marcella Friel See article

A Quality of Healing

Basic goodness and the path of relationships by Shastri Nick Kranz See article

Aging in the Buddhadharma 2

Part Two of an interview on aging and meditative practice, with Acharya Han de Wit by Adrienne Chang See article

Old Age and The Path

“…freeing oneself from how we used to feel about our practice as it has been defined by our lineage, that is, as defined from the outside, we can and hopefully will be able to redefine our practice from the inside.” See article

People’s Climate Mobilization

Shambhalians take action, responding to the call for Buddhist participation in the People’s Climate Mobilization See article

The Need to Feel

A Shambhala teacher explores the meaning of “Environmental Melancholia” and its connection to meditation practice, through the work of artist Regan Rossberg by Shastri Christine Heming See article

Shambhala Day Video

Thanks to all who have waited patiently for the posting of this video — hope you enjoy sharing this joyful celebration! See article

Accelerating Change

Seeing confusion as an opportunity for positive change by Kim Kelso See article

Time to Stand Up

Inspired by online course EcoSattva 2016, offered by One Earth Sangha, which is still available and strongly recommended by the author. Thanissara is one of the principle teachers of the course. The title and final paragraph are paraphrased from her book Time to Stand Up. by Camilo Marquez See article

A Fresh Start

Starting with ourselves, and learning to appreciate many ways that human goodness is expressed every day by Susan Firer See article